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Chesapeake General District Court: 307 Albemarle Drive Civic Center Chesapeake, Virginia 23322-5571

Virginia Beach General District Court: 2425 Nimmo Parkway Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456-9057 ...

Portsmouth General District Court: Address. PO Box 129 711 Crawford Street Portsmouth, Virginia 23705

Norfolk General District Court: 100 St. Paul's Boulevard Norfolk, Virginia 23510

Suffolk General District Court: PO Box 1648 150 North Main Street Suffolk, Virginia 23439

Virginia traffic violations are appealed in each cities Circuit Court

Chesapeake Circuit Court: (1 st judicial district of Virginia)307 Albemarle Drive Civic Center Chesapeake, Virginia 23322

Virginia Beach Circuit court: (2nd judicial district of Virginia 2425 10, Judicial Center, Nimmo Parkway, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Portsmouth Circuit Court: (3rd Judicial Circuit Court of Virginia) 711 Crawford Street Portsmouth, Virginia 23705

Norfolk Circuit Court: (4th Judicial Circuit Court of Virginia) 100 St. Paul's Boulevard Norfolk, Virginia 23510

Suffolk Circuit Court: (5th Judicial Circuit of Virginia.) 150 North Main Street Suffolk, Virginia 23439

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Traffic Tickets: Attorneys know that even good, safety-minded drivers can be charged with a traffic violation. If you have received a traffic ticket for traffic offence alleged to have been committed in Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth or Suffolk) and would like to know what to do next .Virginia Traffic Attorney .Net. is the right place to find the answer. .Virginia Traffic Attorney.Net. is an information based site designed to assist good drivers who have received a traffic citation for a moving violation. The first option considered by most drivers is to simply pay the fine and avoid any further problems. Things you should consider before choosing that option:

Traffic tickets are criminal violations. Paying the traffic ticket issued for a traffic violation will enter a guilty plea in your criminal record. Your Criminal record can be reviewed by future prospective employers and in some cases even used as evidence in future proceedings. 2. The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) will assess your driving record with demerit points for each traffic citation for which you are convicted. (a) Demerit points remain on your driving record for three years (b) These demerit points affect your driving privileges and can even result in suspension or revocation of your drivers license.. (b) Insurance companies regularly review your driving record. They can and usually do increase your insurance premiums based on the traffic tickets you have been convicted of. For most drivers, if the conviction and resulting points can in any way be avoided, there is a clear advantage in doing so. Traffic tickets can be dismissed, given deferred findings, or the ticket can be reduced to a lower traffic offense.

Your next option is that you may go to court and fight the ticket yourself. While perhaps better than simply paying the fine associated with your traffic ticket, there is considerable risk you will spend a day of your time and still be convicted of the traffic violation. If you were clearly not at fault and have evidence to that effect, .pro se. (self representation) traffic ticket defense might be an option. Remember however, the court will weigh all the evidence regarding your traffic ticket, presented; the testimony of a trained traffic police officer will typically be taken over that of a friend or occupant in your car who might be biased in your favor. An experience traffic ticket attorney would know how to challenge the officer.s testimony without offending the court. Such a traffic defense could be useful.

Still another and perhaps the best option is to be represented by a Virginia traffic attorney familiar with the traffic courts, prosecuting attorneys and police officers of south side Hampton Roads (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and Suffolk). There are many lines of defense available to an experienced traffic lawyer. Attorneys sometimes challenge the appropriateness of the traffic ticket charge itself including relevant information on your traffic citation. A good traffic lawyer might challenge the reliability of the method used to determine your traffic infraction (radar laser, breathalyser photograph etc) If other evidence is available they will know its value, how and whether to present it or not. There are frequently plea bargains or agreements available that can be worked out between the police officer and your traffic Lawyer, which will result in a lesser charge, lower demerit points or even a dismissal of your traffic ticket. In some instances, your traffic attorney will be able to plan a defense that will result in a deferred finding for your traffic offence. Moving violations that are dismissed accrue no demerit points in your driving record.

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